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    CONCORD Europe – Publication on EU Presidency with Related Training Materials, Bruxelles

    Luogo di lavoro


    Scadenza: 14 luglio 2017

    CONCORD is looking for a consultant to research and produce a publication on the decision-making processes within the European Institutions, particularly focusing on how CONCORD fits into this picture where development policy is concerned, and how they link to the six-monthly presidency periods. Accompanying the publication will be training materials for our members to introduce this publication to their members, and ensure the information reaches the largest number of our partners possible.

    Aims and objectives/Main responsibilities and tasks

    CONCORD aims to give national platforms in countries holding the EU presidency the tools they need to to exploit this period as an exciting opportunity to make an impact on their country’s and Europe’s role in international development.

    They expect to be able to provide them with an up-to date guide that clearly outlines the way CONCORD works with the European institutions to influence development policy, and how the presidency period timetable fits into this landscape. They would also like the publication to be a relevant tool for newcomers to CONCORD’s confederation, and for all members who wish to better understand how CONCORD functions.

    They plan to use the associated training material to introduce the guide to the national platform members in countries that will soon hold the presidency, and then to make it freely available for members to use with their own members.


    Research phase: This could include interviews with key stakeholders, as well as desk research in order to provide up to date information on the EU institutional environment and how CONCORD/the presidencies fit in.

    Drafting phase: This could include opportunities for feedback on draft versions from staff or members of CONCORD if required. Training materials development: This could include a trial of the training materials with a test group of CONCORD members.

    Training materials development:This could include a trial of the training materials with a test group of CONCORD members.


    One comprehensive but relatively concise publication.
    One set of training materials aimed towards CONCORD members

    Indicative Timeline

    August-September-October 2017
    The first training of CONCORD members is planned for December 2017 with the Austrian and Bulgarian national platforms.

    Skills and Qualifications

    The consultant is expected to have:

    • Significant experience working in the international development sector
    • A comprehensive understanding of the EU decision-making environment
    • A solid body of experience as a trainer
    • Fluent written and spoken English

    Application procedure

    Please send the following elements:

    • CV and cover letter explaining suitability for the task
    • An outline of your approach including the methodology; the indicative timeline; your quote.

    Send your application to Rebecca.Steel@concordeurope.org by 14 July 2017
    Please include the position (CONCORD Presidency Publication) plus your name in the subject of the email.