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    Scadenza: 11 settembre 2016

    Durata impiego: 1 febbraio 2017 – 31 gennaio 2018



    The EU Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council establishing the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps – EU Aid Volunteers and related legislation create a framework for joint contributions from European volunteers to support and complement humanitarian aid in third countries.



    Under the supervision of the team coordinator volunteer (team of 6 volunteers), in cooperation with the director of the Ecuasol Foundation and The European Guild, the volunteer will be in charge of building a program of awareness-raising and education in volcanic and seismic hazards.



    • Nationality of one of the member countries of the European Union or long-term resident
    • Language skills: working knowledge of Spanish, French, English
    • Ability to adapt
    • Organizational and project coordination skills
    • A very great deal of interest in young audience and teachers



    Phase 1 – In cooperation with the Ecuadorian government and the municipality of Quito, along with the IRD (Institut de Recherche et de Développement) and its partners, he/she will conduct a needs assessment (travel to disaster-stricken areas to be planned) and coordinate the creation of outreach tools aimed at a young audience, adapted to each age and to each level of the education program.
    He/she will identify on-spot primary contacts in Ecuador.

    Phase 2 – After testing the tools that have been produced (videos, comics, diagrams, booklets, manuals…) at Ecuasol, the volunteer will contact secondary and primary schools in Quito and the Ecuador’s Ministry of Education so that teachers, witnesses and subject matter experts can deliver the awareness-raising program training. He/she will lead trainings to the staff who will in turn train the children about the tools.

    Phase 3 – The volunteer will follow the evolution and impact of the awareness-raising program. He/she will develop a set of key success indicators. He/she will capture valuable information and provide a report to ensure continuity of the actions.



    Learning Opportunities: 

    • The Volunteer will attend a 30-hours online training and a 10-days in presence training before her/his deployment
    • During the apprenticeship (if foreseen), the Volunteer will have the chance to experience the work in a sending organization; during the deployment, she/he will improve languages skills and the ability to work in an international context. His/her professional skills will be strengthen


    Working and Living Conditions:

    • Length of deployment: 12 months
    • Deployment duty station: Quito, with missions in the field
    • Conditions of service: a monthly Subsistence Lump Sum (438,28 Euro per month) intends to cover basic needs and local transport.
    • Accommodation
    • Visa fees, insurance and airfares will be covered.
    • Apprenticeship placement: At the European Guild, in Paris (France), for 3 months
    • Monthly subsistence sum: 710,74€ + accommodation + European fligh.

    For each month of deployment 100 euro of post deployment resettlement allowance are foreseen.


    Selection criteria:

    Applications are made directly within the sending organisation, please check out the how to apply section.

    More information is available here: