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    FAO Internship Opportunities

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    FAO is looking for interns to assign to different fields of work according to their profile and to the needs of the organization in different Countries.

    The Candidates’ criteria are the following:

    –  young people aged 21-30 who are studying at the university or PHD or master course or recent graduates.

    appropriate residence or immigration status in the country of assignment at the time of the application

    – The assignment would be of minimum 3 months (to be concluded within December, 31st 2017 ), full time and paid by FAO (max 700 USD according to UN standards of living).

    Here the list of FAO country offices and areas of assignment available:

    Country Number Requested Area of Assignment
    Albania 1 Agriculture and climate change (Disaster Risk Reduction)
    Bosnia 1 Agriculture and climate change (Disaster Risk Reduction)
    Bangladesh 1 Nutrition
    1 Support on SDG implementation
    Nepal 1 Agriculture
    1 Climate Change
    1 Gender Mainstreaming
    Sri Lanka 1 Disaster Risk Reduction or Climate Change adaptation/mitigation
    India 1 Agriculture
    1 Gender
    Cuba 1 Agriculture, climate change, forestry, sustainable land and water management; management of natural resources, sector policies and int. development with special focus on areas relevant in our CPF, such as nutrition and food safety, food security or related areas
    Ecuador 1 Sustainable management of natural resources (forestry and climate change)
    1 Agriculture and food security
    Peru 1 Communication
    1 International Programme Management
    1 Field Programme Management
    Burkina Faso 1 Agriculture, climate change
    1 Elevage (Breeding)
    1 Agriculture
    Senegal 1 Youth employment, Climate Change
    1 Link between agriculture and social protection/nutrition
    1 Management of natural resources
    Tanzania 1 Agriculture Statistics or Gender as a multi-disciplinary engagement.
    Zambia 1 Any of the following areas:1. Climate change related/climate smart Agriculture; 2. Nutrition; 3. Fisheries/livestock; 4. Agriculture.

    For additional information, please read the Call for interest into ENSPFR.

    Candidates should send the following documents via email to “d.peschiulli@focsiv.itindicating in the e-mail OBJECT: Country and Area of Assignment of interest.

    • A motivation letter (free template)
    • Some evidence of attendance to a recognised university or copy of the graduation certification
    • Applicant Candidate PROFILE FORM (MANDATORY: Please request through email to d.peschiulli@focsiv.it)

    Deadline for candidacies: 30th August.