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    Zajel Youth Exchange Program _ Palestinian Territory

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    Zajel Youth Exchange Program _ Project “BE THE CHANGE” in Palestinian Territory

    Zajel is a youth exchange programme that was established by An-Najah National University in 2001. United for Empowerment is one of Zajel’s promising projects and this year will offer the opportunity for international volunteers to choose to work with, and provide support for, either Palestinian students or refugee children. The latter includes the experience of life in one of the Palestinian refugee camps, which unfortunately are home to many people in Palestine. Zajel Youth Exchange Program (Zajel means “dove”) is an official educational program at the Public Relations Department of An-Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine. An-Najah National University is one of the universities in Palestine, founded in 1977. Students come from different regions of Palestine, in search of knowledge and education. Furthermore, the university focuses on the active and responsible participation of the students in community life. All students are strongly encouraged to perform volunteer work for the university or for the community. Zajel Youth Exchange Program offers the opportunity for local students to participate in the camps and other international exchanges in order to experience intercultural dialogue. We intend to have a gender-balanced camp. One well-trained local volunteer will take the responsibility of leading the camp.

    Zajel International Camp and Workshops the event will be a challenging two weeks experience. The participants will have the chance to discuss relevant issues in the world, particularly in Palestine. All volunteers will have the chance to work and create positive and real impact in our communities through a variety of activities related to social youth development. Living and working together in Nablus, the volunteers will gain a better understanding of themselves, Palestinian socio-political questions, the world around them and the continuing Palestinian struggle for freedom. In addition, participants will have the chance to work and cooperate with Palestinian university students and lecturers on two different themes:

    Students Workshops: Through international solidarity work and skill sharing, it is possible to help empower young Palestinians to create a better reality for themselves. We try to provide as many positive options as we can in a difficult situation, recognizing that many international volunteers have quite high qualifications and skills to share with our local students, as well as, a willingness to provide assistance. Here is an outline of the workshops comprising this section of the camp:Public Speaking aeuro Being able to communicate with large groups of people is paramount to any social movement. Possessing discourse skills and the ability to deliver lectures and public speeches is important for any student who wishes to establish self-confidence and build a strong personality. Learning

    Zajel will be responsible for providing suitable accommodations for the participants at special apartment-dorms outside An-Najah National University s campus: the Program will be in charge of the transportation to and from the apartments.

    We are looking for volunteers that have the following skills Good command of English, Computer skills, Interpersonal and communication skills, Ability to work in a team and Self-motivated.